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Full Service Grooming Salon: 

Let us pamper your pet! Our groomer can work with you to transform your pet into the ideal image of what you desire. We can also help with ideas and suggestions for easier coat care methods that will provide pleasure to you and your pet for the daily maintenance of their coat. We use an invigorating water massage system with jet action combined with special shampoos to remove loose hair and debris for the healthiest skin possible! All baths and grooms include hand drying, ear cleaning, a spritz of cologne and complimentary nail grinding. We also feature hand scissoring and can groom all breeds. We are committed to offering a specialized approach to each pet's situation, including geriatric and behaviorally challenged. Our goal is to provide a spa-like experience for your pet and to deliver a professional bath and groom. We provide our grooming services to our feline friends as well and do not require lodging for a visit to our spa. Call in or use the link below to book an appointment with our groomer.  Grooming rates vary depending on coat condition, breed & temperament. 

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Grooming day:
Our groom clients will enjoy a full day of pampering, cuddles, and looking amazing.  We have all of our sweet groom babies drop off between 9am -930am.  We do this so our groomer, Christi, will have ample time to not only give your pet an amazing new do or freshen up, but also to work at your fur kid's pace.  Some babies require breaks during grooming.  By giving your pet a whole day to relax at our spa, they will be able to enjoy their spa day just as you would. We will give you call later in the afternoon, once your baby is looking and smelling amazing!

Please note the following:

*We promise we will call as soon as your sweet pumpkin is ready to go.  Calling and asking if they are ready yet will only cause our groomer to have to stop grooming to answer your call.  Most grooms do not get completed till around 4pm - 430pm.
*if you can not arrive by 930am there may be a late charge applied to your grooming services.
*We understand things can come up unexpectedly. But, we usually have a full day of grooming scheduled weeks in advance. If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, please let us know 24 hours in advance so we can allow another fur kid to fill your spot. A no call no show can result in 1/2 groom charge and/or prepayment for grooming services as we will have a vacancy that could have been filled with notice.


Grooming average base prices:

Below is a base price list of our grooming services.  These are estimates and based on average pet size and coat length.  Coat condition, size and temperament will alter these base prices.  Please talk with our groomer for a specific price on your fur baby.  

All Spa Days include Bath, nails, sanitary trim, ear cleaning and cologne spray.

Under 30 pounds:

Spa day Bath, nails and brush: $30+

Spa day Full groom haircut (includes bath package): $60+


31 -50 pounds:

Spa day Bath, nails and brush: $30 - $50+

 Spa day Full groom haircut (includes bath package): $65+

50-75 pounds:

Spa day Bath, nails and brush: $50 - 75+

Spa day Full groom haircut (includes bath package): $70+

76- 100 pounds:

Spa day Bath, nails and brush: $75 - 100+

Spa day Full groom haircut (includes bath package): $80+

Over 100 pounds:

Spa day Bath, nails and brush: $100+

Spa day Full groom haircut (includes bath package): $90+


Fur kids with full or double coats such as Doodle, German Shepard, Pomeranian, Chow, Husky, Poodle, Akita, etc may have additional cost to the above listed prices.  The charges will be based on amount of time required, product amount required, pet temperament for grooming, and coat condition.

Undercoat removal and dematting charges are in addition to these charges as well. Our motto is Humanity before Vanity.  If our groomer feels that dematting would be too painful or traumatic for your pet, we will recommend other options that could include shaving and allowing for regrowth. Dematting and undercoat charges start at $10 and may be as much a $2/minute for excess. Clean feet and face may also incur an additional charge as these are special request and require extra time in grooming.  


Nail trims:

We prefer to grind our fur client's nails as this is less painful and the finished nail is round and smooth.

Cat pedicure: $20

Dog pedicure with one handler: $15

Dog pedicure with 2 handlers required: $20

Dog pedicure with 3 handlers required: $30

Some fur kids do not enjoy a pedicure and may require sedation provide by your Veterinarian.  We are always willing to try, but will not endanger your pet's well-being or our staff's  with fearful or overly aggressive pets.


Pet Coloring Options:

We have a variety of options for your fur kid to express their individuality! Let's have some fun and play with some fun and fabulous colors for your pooch.
Ears: $40 -$50
Tail: $40 - $50
Mohawk: $30 - $40
Full body or custom designs will need to be discussed prior to scheduling a coloring.




Swanky Luxury Spa Add Ons:

Deep Sea Mineral Mud Bath Skin Treatment
Conditions skin and coat with essential minerals and exfoliates to help remove 

Deep Cleaning Fizzy Paw Treatment    
Moisturizes and cleans irritants that cause redness & itching

Hydrating Coat Conditioning Treatment
Helps loosen undercoat and leave hair feeling, smelling & looking amazing

Cleansing Facial with Relaxing Muzzle & Facial
Luxurious tear-less face cleanser that beautifies, pampers and relaxes.


Pedicure with Fancy Nail Polish
Our traditional nail grinding with added beautiful and colorful nail polish