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All Veterinary records must show DUE DATES for required vaccinations, and be sent 48 hours PRIOR to your pet's arrival. Those can be emailed to or a full page picture texted to our main number, 770.995.9123.  We will let you know as soon as we receive those records and can then prepare for your baby's arrival.   During busy times like holidays and summer, we require records to be sent to our office at least 48 hours prior to your pets' arrival.  Without these records received, you may lose your reservation and forfeit your deposit. 

We do not accept faxes or shot records that do not have a clearly printed due date for your pet's next vaccine.  Please be mindful of this when choosing your pet's Veterinary care. 

Below are some of the frequently asked questions we encounter.  Please let us know if there is something we can do to help make your pet's stay the most relaxing time with us!

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Important Information To Know Before Your First Visit

We sincerely appreciate your patronage and trust in us. We are providing this information in an effort to provide the very best possible care for our guests. If there are any unanswered questions we are happy to speak with you. Thank you for the opportunity to serve your family.

Check In/Out Policies

You may Check-In any time during normal Business Hours. Charges at our normal rate begins on the day of your arrival at whatever time you find convenient to drop your pet(s) off during our regular business hours. If you pick up your pet before 12:00 p.m. on your departure day, you will not be charged for that day. (Sundays are excluded, and min day stay met.  If you schedule to pick up on Sunday, and do not pick up till Monday morning, there may be a half day charge added $13.75. This is due to staffing requirements and accommodation availability

All stays are subject to a 2 day minimum charge (holidays may have a different min stay). Overnight stays less than two days would still be billed as a 2 day charge. This Policy is in effect year round.

We ask that all drop-offs and pick-ups arrive 15 - 30 min prior to closing so we have adequate time to complete the check-in/check-out process. This provides us time to fill you in on your pet's stay with us and ensure that everything is completed correctly.

Should your pet be scheduled for grooming on the day of departure and we know in advance to give you a courtesy call when finished we will extend the pickup time for no charge for 2 hours past the call time. For example if you want a "call when finished" on your pet that is having a bath or groom and we finish at 10am we will call you and you will have until 12 pm to pick up. The time we call is dictated by the work load that day. It is not a request time. If you schedule for an afternoon pick up, you will be billed for that day's stay regardless of grooming request. Otherwise, we will call you that morning when your pet is ready to go.

Sunday is always billable day whether you drop off or pick up your pet. If you schedule to pick up on Sunday, and do not pick up till Monday morning, there may be a half day charge added ($13.75). This is due to staffing requirements and accommodation availability. Sometimes it is hard to understand why our policy has a 2 day minimum and Sunday is always a full charge day. We DO NOT increase rates for our holiday and peak times but understand that Friday through Sunday are high demand stays. A short check in of Sat and pick up on Sunday night essentially blocks the next week from occupancy due to the fact that a guest wanting to stay for example Sat thru Sat cannot drop off.


Dogs: Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella Cats: Rabies, FVRCP, and Leukemia. For the safety and comfort of all our guests we must require proof of vaccinations by a licensed veterinarian that show DUE DATES. Please Text (770.995.9123), or Email ( a FULL PAGE copy that shows due dates for the required vaccinations 24 – 48 hours PRIOR to your arrival so that we may add them to our files. This will give us ample opportunity to call you if we find something missing or expired. After your information is entered in our computer it will only need to be updated when your pet receives new vaccines on an annual basis. While we will try to remind you should we see that the vaccines are expired, it is the sole responsibility of the owner to keep their pet’s vaccines up dated and provide us with current information. Please be aware that most vets are closed at noon on Sat. and are closed on Sundays as well most Holidays. If you arrive and we do not have access to current vaccine records and are not able to verify through your veterinarian's office your pet cannot stay IN THE KENNEL.
** No faxes accepted. **
All Veterinary records must show DUE DATESfor required vaccinations, and be sent 48 hours PRIORto your pet's arrival. Those can be emailed to or a full page picture texted to our main number, 770.995.9123. We will let you know as soon as we receive those records and can then prepare for your baby's arrival. During busy times like holidays and summer, we require rocrods to be sent to our office at least 48 hours prior to your pet's arrival. Without these records received, you may lose your reservation and forfeit your deposit.

Medical History and Special Concerns

If your pet has any special medical conditions such as diabetes or seizures we are trained and prepared to care for them properly. We can administer medications as well as do injections.

We are also prepared for behavioral concerns such as anxiety or aggressiveness. We are fully capable of handling these things if we are made aware of them in advance. Please disclose them completely so that we may be well informed and take the proper action and precautions. Seizures, fear biting, storm fright, and separation anxiety to name a few are better handled and controlled prior to us being surprised by them.

Many are afraid we will turn them away but we are trained to deal with special needs if we know of them. Please make us aware of ANY surgeries or serious illness, injuries or behavioral challenges.

Senior pets and special needs pets hold a special place in our hearts and we will make every effort to go that extra mile to make them feel comfortable. They will be on special wellness checks by senior staff members multiple times daily to ensure that they are eating, drinking, and behaving normally.

Foods, Special Diets and Medications

We encourage you to bring your own food, as many pets will get an upset tummy from a sudden diet change. We will prepare and serve it as you direct. All canned food must be supplied from home. A microwave- oven, freezer, and refrigerator are available as needed. We will serve "people food" and other specific diets but we must ask that all raw diets be individually packaged and arrive frozen. We cannot be responsible for bones consumed in raw diets. If your pet eats left-overs or from your table at home, it is fine to bag those in individual meals and freeze ahead so we can serve them during the stay. We can provide a house premium diet. These foods are inclusive of your daily room rate up to twice daily. Should you prefer to avoid a diet change we encourage you to bring your pet’s personal food from home. We recommend pre-bagging each meal as your "cup" may be different from the standard measuring cup we use here. Pre-bagging will keep there from being any food amount discrepancies. We will save your baggies and return them to be used again. Each pet is allowed a space of 11.4 x 13.4 x 6.8 inches for food bags. Please do not bring giant food bins.

If your pet requires a prescription diet or has health reasons for being fed a specialized diet, we ask that you provide it from home. Be sure to notify staff of any food allergies. Please label all food prior to arrival. If you have two pets from the same home that need to be separated for feeding time we will be happy to offer that service in our indoor/outdoor suites. If you have any concerns please feel free to address them with a staff member. We will work with you to provide the best situation for your family. Fresh water is available at all times.

Please do not put any medications in food bags, containers, or masking agents (pill pockets, cheese, sandwich meat or bread). We require all medications be in their ORIGINAL prescription bottle with labeled instructions. Over the counter drugs or supplements should be in their original bottle. We never charge extra for medications or insulin administration. Our staff has experience with diabetic pets and the necessary management .Please be sure to provide enough syringes and a couple extra for their stay. Detailed written instructions are welcomed for any special health management. For blood testing please bring all personal supplies and equipment. The only time administration is charged for is if your pet is fractous or difficult to give medications to. This would be a TLC time charge of $6 per day as extra staff and time is required to give the medication. We will call and tell you if this is required.

Items from Home

Toys, treats and a favorite blanket are the most common items brought. We do not accept bowls or dishes from home.

We do not accept large filled pillow or foam beds. Stuffed beds make it difficult for us to clean your pet’s room. This creates an unsanitary environment and odors. We have many options here to provide every guest with a bed that best suits their needs that we are able to keep clean and sanitary.

Try to keep the treats in line with what your pet is accustomed to eating at home. Sending too many treats can cause stomach upset when they are not given on a regular basis at home.

Please limit toys to 3 per pet and all blankets MUST ARRIVE CLEAN. We really welcome almost anything that you feel will make your pet happy but do ask that it be kept within reasonable limits. Over the past 30 years, we have had many extremes in what owners bring in with their pets. While we certainly do not want to deprive any guest, we also want to provide a clean and fresh boarding experience for all of our guest. An article of your clothing such as a T-shirt or a small blanket and a couple of toys are most acceptable; a toy box full of toys and a king-size comforter or your pool chair cushions are not. We do ask that bedding be washable and a MAXIMUM of beach towel size or small enough to be place on top of our beds. This keeps them off the floor and assists in keeping them clean. Please properly label all toys and blankets with a permanent marker. Any items that are chewed or soiled will be removed and bagged for your pet’s safety but we cannot assume liability of items ingested.

We do try to wash soiled bedding as a courtesy when time allows, but this is not a part of our boarding service. In doing so, there may be hair of a different color occasionally found on your items. Be assured that we never allow another guest to use your private belongings, but hair may be picked up in the washer or dryer.

We respectfully ask that you do not send RAWHIDE as treats. They are a choking hazard and clog drains if washed down accidentally.

We ask that you do not send family heirlooms or other indispensable items. While we make every effort to care for personal items we cannot assume liability for them.

We work very hard to keep everything as clean as possible. We ask that you do your part in helping by sending reasonable items that make it doable.

Boarding your pets together

If you have multiple pets that you wish to stay together in the same suite/enclosure you will be asked to sign a compatibility waiver stating that they do not have known aggression issues towards each other. We reserve the right to separate them should an incident occur and seek treatment for any injuries. If any injury occurs you will be solely responsible for any veterinary treatment and addition charges to separately house them. We are able to separate for feeding. Indian Shoals Pet Resort will not be held responsible in any way for injuries that might occur from a family member while staying together.

Picture/Video Release

We love to take pictures and videos of our staff and guests. They are often shared to public media and in print. If you are a proud parent and wish to copy them we are delighted. Please give credits if you do. Most pet parents enjoy seeing their little super star having fun or freshly groomed, however if you do not wish for your pet to be photographed in any way we will be happy to honor your wishes. Please inform a staff member and we will have a form to sign stating that wish. We never charge for pictures.

Holiday Reservations and Deposits

All Holiday Reservations will require a deposit in the amount of the minimum charge requirement of either 3 or 4 days for that Holiday. We do not INCREASE our peak season rates above our regular fees. Please check the holidays posted on our webpage. This deposit can be taken by phone with a credit card at the time the appointment is made. Reservations for Holidays will not be held without a deposit.

In the event that it becomes necessary to cancel Holiday Reservations, we respectively REQUIRE a minimum of (7) SEVEN DAY NOTICE PRIOR TO YOUR SCHEDULED ARRIVAL DATE. Any Cancellations of Holiday Reservations with less than a 7 day notice would result in the loss of your deposit. ANY REFUNDS OF DEPOSIT WILL INCUR A $5 TRANSACTION FEE, or if prior to the 7 day notice we can place the deposit on your account for future Grooming or Boarding use. A list of the holiday requirements can be found on our website at
Card on file are only used for deposit. Card is required at check out to pay any balance. Using the card on file for anything other than a holiday deposit will incur a $5 transaction fee.

If you choose to pick your pet up before the scheduled departure date, you would be obligated to pay for the original dates reserved. ***

30 years of experience has helped us to bring excellent expectations for our guest and their parents. Please help us to offer that same level of service to you and your fur kid(s)! We look forward to their 1st stay with us, and welcome any questions or concerns.

Correspondence:If we are making an attempt to contact you, it is important. Please return our call, text or email as promptly as possible. If you are attempting to contact, us we will show you the same courtesy. If you text, email, or leave us a voicemail outside of business hours, we will respond to your correspondence once we are back at the resort. Please refrain from text messages late at night. We take your concerns seriously, but please be mindful of our staff's time outside of business hours.

Thank you for trusting us with the care of your beloved family member! Indian Shoals Pet Resort and Grooming Salon