Policies of Indian Shoals Pet Resort

Leashes and Walks

For your pet's safety as well as others, please have your pet on a leash and under your control at all times when entering or leaving the Resort. Some days are a bit crowed and we would not any one accidentally injured or a pet just frightened. All pets while under the care of Indian Shoals Pet Resort will not be allowed to go on walks except under the direct supervision of a member of the staff of Indian Shoals Pet Resort. Extended stay guests may be released for day or weekend outings that allow them to leave the premises. While an extended stay guest is absent charges would continue to accumulate.

Check In/Out Policies

You may Check-In any time during normal Business Hours. Charges at our normal daily rate begins on the day of your arrival at what ever time you find convienent to drop your pet(s) off. If you pick up your pet before 12:00 p.m. on your departure day, you will not be charged for that day. Please, No Departures outside of our normal Business Hours. If You should have an Emergency after hours, we have a 24 hour answering service that you may leave a message on and we will return your call as soon as possible.


All vacations at our Resort should be reserved in advance of your arrival. Some times during our Summer and Holiday Seasons we will be filled to our capacity and not able to accept walk ins. Any vacations planned around a Holiday or in the summer when school is out should be made as far in advance as possible. All Holiday Reservations will require a deposit in the amount of theminimum charge requirement for that Holiday. This deposit can be taken by phone with a credit card at the time the appointment is made. If you prefer  to make your deposit by check, you can mail it to us or you may drop it by the Resort. Deposits  made by check must be received within 7 days after the date  the appointment is made. Reservations made within 7 days of your arrival date would require a credit card or either be made in person. Reservations for Holidays will not be held without a deposit.  Holiday Reservations must be canceled with a minimum of  7 days notice prior to your arrival date. Cancellations of Holiday Reservations with less than a 7 day notice would result in  the loss of your deposit. All days reserved during Holidays and the months of June, July, and August will require a minimum of  3 days notice to change
arrival or departure dates. Pick ups made without this 3 day notice will be billed for the full amount of days reserved at time the appointment was made.

Minimum Charge Requirements

All vacations at the Resort are subject to a 2 day minimum charge. Stays less than two days would still be billed as a 2 day charge. This Policy is in effect year round.
Major holidays are also subject to minimum charge requirements. The minimum charge for Holidays will be either a 3 day or 4 day minimum charge. See our Holiday Hours section for information regarding minimums  for certain Holidays. Cancellation of Holiday Reservations without a seven day notice prior to your scheduled arrival date would result in you being charged for the Minimum Charge Requirement for that Holiday.


For the well being of your pet as well as all other Guests at Indian Shoals Pet Resort proof of vaccinations are required before entering the actual Kennel areas. Vaccinations records may be furnished by you when you arrive, faxed by either you or your veterinarian, or called in by phone from your veterinarian. Please understand that if you should arrive without proof of vaccinations and after business hours of your veterinarian, your pet will not be allowed into the Boarding areas. We may at times be able to  hold your pet in an Isolation area until the following day and obtain verification of vaccines, but this service can not be guaranteed to be available at all times. We do not give vaccinations or any other medical services, but would be happy to refer you to a local veterinarian in your area.

Method Of Payment

Payment is considered due when you pick up your pet unless other arrangements  have been previously approved by Indian Shoals Pet Resort. If someone else picks up your pet for you they should have the means by which to settle your account For your convenience we gladly accept the following types of Payment. Any extended stay (over 14 days) would require a two week deposit at arrival followed by bi-monthly payments secured with a current credit card to insure the  Extended Stay Discount.


All guests at Indian Shoals Pet Resort are invited to bring along a blanket or bed from home. Or if our guests prefer we have assorted blankets, rugs, and lambskin's for their use.  No bedding material that includes open or exposed hay, straw, wood chips or any other loose bedding will be allowed in the runs. All items will be monitored and washed as needed. Please understand that some of the large beds, sleeping bags, and comforter size blankets are beyond our capabilities to clean, so try to take in to consideration the ease at which we can clean any soiled item and return it to your pet promptly. Any toy, chew, or special object that your pet enjoys may be brought from home and placed in your pets run. Remember that your pet is away from home and may chew things that he might not ordinarily chew at home, so choose toys and tugs that you don't mind if they get chewed up. Any bedding item toy or chew that becomes too disarrayed or we feel may be dangerous will be removed at the sole discretion of Indian Shoals Pet Resort.

Snacks and Treats

Snacks and treats are welcomed by Indian Shoals Pet Resort, and all guests are encouraged to bring "some little something." Treats will be given as you direct or as close to what your pet is accustomed to at home.

Foods, Special Diets  and Medications

We provide a large selection of premium, name brand foods for our guests to enjoy. However, if you prefer you may bring  your own food from home. If your pet is on a Special or Prescription diet, you will needed to bring this food along with detailed instructions. Any canned or moist food will need to be brought from home. We have a microwave, refrigerator, and freezer to aid in the care of any special need food or treat that you may want to bring. No additional charge will be added for foods brought from home. Any medications that your pet may require, either oral, injectable, or topical can be administered by a member of our trained Staff. There will be no additional charges for the routine daily medications, recovering illness medications, vitamins, or supplements. Some more intensive wound or surgical dressing, ear cropping, or ear/eye infections may invoke a small charge. We can evaluate this on a case by case situation and advise you up front if any extra charge would be  added.

Extra Activities

Indian Shoals Pet Resort offers some additional activities for guests to participate in while visiting our Resort. These activities are in addition to and not in replacement of the daily attention and care that all our guest receive. All activities are provide as another way to increase your pets enjoyment while here with us. All  outdoor activities are performed "Weather Permitting" and some are seasonal. If for any reason your pet is not able to receive a scheduled activity, charges for that session will be deducted from your final bill. Pets that show any aggression are not eligible for these activities. Some activities may be suspended on Holidays.

Flea/Tick Control

Any pet that arrives at Indian Shoals Pet Resort free from fleas and tick should return home free of fleas and ticks. Any pet that arrives with a flea or tick infestation would be required to receive treatment before entering the Boarding areas. We have a full service Grooming Salon on premises so any treatments needed could be taken care of immediately. No pre entry treatments are required. Every effort is made both inside and out to control all insects and parasites that may present a concern to your pet. We have on our staff a Licensed Pesticide Applicator to insure you that all efforts are being made to protect your pet. Please understand that even with all our efforts, while living in Georgia, that pets while participating in outdoor activities may come into contact with fleas or ticks.


Indian Shoals Pet Resort is kept clean and fresh smelling at all times through hard work and a regimented cleaning policy. All runs are sanitized after every pet leaves and before your pet arrives with a commercial grade antibacterial, fungicide, anti-virus and disinfectant. We do not use bleach to sanitize your pets runs. Our sanitize solution though deadly to bacteria, fungi and viruses is made specifically for kennel areas. Accidental contact to this solution would not harm your pet in any way unlike some of the less expensive products, i.e. household bleach. Our runs are kept scooped and mopped all during the day, and  washed down with a water hose a night after all our Guests are confined inside. Water hoses are not used at times when your pet has access to their run. Stainless steel feed bowls are washed after every meal. Stainless steel water bowls are kept full and are cleaned as often as needed. All linen and beds (that we are able to fit in the washer) are laundry as needed. All Runs have walls to prevent cross contamination. Inside areas are supplied with plenty of natural sunlight, nature's best sanitizer. Air is exchange with fans to insure a constant supply of fresh air.

Emergency Policy

When you arrive you will be asked for a contact or emergency number to be place d on file in Case of Emergency. Your veterinarian's information will also be kept on file. In the rare event that your pet should require medical attention we would follow these guidelines. If the situation allows us time, you or whoever you stated would be the first contact, this is sometimes all that is needed to clarify some concern we may have concerning you pet's behavior, next in procession would be your Veterinarian. If at all possible and within reasonable distance we would use your Veterinarian. If the situation was an actual emergency require immediate medical attention, we have a Veterinarian on call 24 hours day and are in very close proximity to his practice and resident. Yes, We do have his home phone number. Through our experience, these are very isolated events and mostly involve more elderly guest, but still the old adage "a ounce of prevention is worth a pound of Cure" keeps us at all times prepared to act quickly and efficiently.