Caregiver For Your Pet

Written and published by Luxury Pet Resorts Inc.

This booklet was written in an effort to address the many questions and concerns that have been expressed to us over the years by people who are faced with choosing a caregiver for their pet while they are away. It is not meant in any way to be a substitute for personal counsel. We welcome your questions and invite you to stop by to chat and visit our Resorts. We will make every effort to provide answers to all concerns.

I would like to dedicated this book to the wonderful people that work with me everyday with a tireless dedication to doing their best in caring for the animals that they love so much.

While your rewards are not  worldly they are Great. Cold noses, wet kisses, and warm hearts every day. We are their stewards ordained by God.

May we always strive to be the person that our pet believes us to be..”
Angela Peevy

 Choosing a Caregiver for your pet

There is so much to do! If you are planning a vacation you begin to look for a special place to relax and enjoy yourself. You look for a place that will provide a much needed diversion from the pressures of daily life. You want a place that will provide comfort, entertainment, and new adventures.  You plan ahead, call for information, possibly view web sites, and ask for referrals from a friend or two. If you are leaving because of a family emergency or being called away on business, time may be of the essence. You may need to plan much more quickly. You may want to return to a place that you have been before and feel comfortable with. A place that you know that you can rely on for dependable service.

First of all you will need a place for yourself and your other family members to stay: a comfortable, clean place to sleep that provides good meals, a pleasing atmosphere, a caring staff and a feeling of security. If you have family members with special needs, you will look for a place that will welcome them and gladly provide the extra services that they might require for their comfort and well being. You may pack special medications, favorite items or snacks that they enjoy from home.
Choosing a caregiver for your animal family member should be very similar to choosing accommodations for the human family members. When your pets are depending on you, you can depend on us to provide the care that they deserve.

We feel that while some boarding kennels provide adequate food and shelter there is just that something special that is still missing. We have made a sincere commitment to providing that missing link of emotional care through a staff of true animal lovers as well as being well educated and well trained professionals. We pride ourselves in being certified animal care technicians through the ABKA. We constantly strive to improve through continuing education and training. We are here because of our love for animals and have committed ourselves to the profession of ANIMAL CARE.

Very simply,
We love what we do,
Do  what we love


Our experienced staff members are sensitive to the individual needs of each and every guest that we care for. We strive diligently to make sure that you pet is comfortable and well cared for both physically and emotionally.

 We make every effort to call them by name and take the time to get to know their special needs. We will NEVER become too busy to pat a head and smile. We appreciate your concern for you pet and welcome you to visit us anytime during our regular office hours to see what we have to offer.

You can feel free to walk through and ask as many questions as you like. We have most of the very same concerns that you do. When you must leave home the last thing that you want to worry about is the comfort and well being of the ones that you love.
 We allow you to have the peace of mind in knowing that your pet is being cared for and having a good time in the safety and security of their “home away from home”.

We sincerely appreciate the trust that you have placed in us to provide them with this care. We extend to you our pledge of sincerity and integrity for we truly believe that the most precious THINGS in life aren't THINGS…

Through Their Eyes

While we love our furry kids very much (many of us as much as our human family) we must understand that they sometimes experience things differently than we as humans do. They have their own very distinct and at times quite different likes and dislikes. While they enjoy snuggling up in a comfy bed much like yourself, if given they opportunity they sometimes relish doing “other things” that you and I would definitely find displeasing to say the least. Likewise while they enjoy “people food” they sometimes sample things that we as humans would find very repulsive!

To make a long story short and not be any more graphic than is necessary- it is important that we address our furry kids needs and enjoyments more through their eyes than our own. Truly understanding your pets needs and behavior relies on facing the brutal truth that while your pet loves you with all their little heart, they REALLY love being who they are –an animal. They want to enjoy and experience things in their own way. They love being with you and living with you but no more want to be you than you want to be them.

All mammals whether they be human or another species have similar basic physical needs. They want to be comfortably warm or cool. They wish to eat foods that they enjoy and have plenty of refreshing drink. They enjoy the feeling of security and knowing that they are cared about. Who doesn't respond to kind words and a gentle touch?  Most of the folks and animals that I know do when given the opportunity. They may have fears that they are not able to express whether they are from a past unpleasant experience or simple apprehension of being in an unfamiliar place, they need the assurance that they will be cared for and not harmed.
Fear of the unknown can be a very real fear for both humans and animals. We will work diligently to erase any feelings of uncertainty through gentle loving care. We will cater to their special needs. We will strive to provide a comfortable, nurturing environment that our guests will enjoy and look forward to returning to. Our Resort will be a place that they will come to know for fun and excitement. It will be a place where they see friends. A place that they will learn to trust. Please feel free to tell us about your pet's special interests, likes and dislikes. This will help us to know them better and understand their personal needs.
 Our living areas are designed to help eliminate the things that we feel could be stressful and replace them with an environment that will provide our guests with a more pleasurable visit. We encourage our guests to bring personal items from home such as toys, treats, or small blanket. This can help them to feel more secure. Our décor  is “home like” using bright colors, curtains, wall hangings etc. Ceiling fans overhead and music playing provide a gentle reminder of things you pet has come accustomed to seeing at home. They identify with these things. Add a smile and loving touch and wonderful things happen! A treat or two will be icing on the


All of our canine guests have private indoor/outdoor suites. We feel very strongly about providing a healthy environment for our guests. We feel that plenty of natural light and fresh air is essential in prevention of illness and depression in both humans and animals. Plenty of room for exercise is a must. Being confined to a small cage environment creates both mental and physical stress. Our spacious suites induce just the opposite effect. At our resorts we provide bright, cheery surroundings with plenty of natural light. For our smaller canine guests we offer a separate wing with like size neighbors. Dogs totally love being with the “pack”. They need lots of room to run and play. With these guys everyday is a potential party or adventure.


Felines experience accommodations second to none while being cared for by our caregivers. While at most places kitties seem to be an after thought, not with us. We have wonderful indoor rooms that are specially designed for your cat's pleasure. While these are totally indoor rooms for the safety and security of our feline friends, they are absolutely purr-fect for their comfort. Most cat owners understand that their pets exercise isometricaly, therefore requiring less space than dogs. With cats it is all about atmosphere. They want to be pampered to the max and surrounded by things that stimulate their senses. They want to lounge around on plush beds, listen to soothing sounds, and dine on their favorite delicacies. Our staff is ready and waiting to cater to their needs. When only the best will do, we've got what your cat needs.


We welcome all special needs guests. We will be happy to provide the specialize care that your pet needs. We are able to administer medications, injections and treatments as prescribed by your personal veterinarian. Many of our staff members have extensive training in the vet tech field. In case of emergency we have a vet on call 24 hours. Many of our special needs guests are much older, and we are always sensitive to their special needs. We make every effort to make them comfortable and happy.


We are proud to say that we care for all kinds of guests. We will work with you to provide the necessities for you exotic pet or bird. We ask that you provide food from home that they are accustomed to eating. In some cases we may request that you bring their living quarters from home. Please include detailed instructions for daily care.


I once heard this quote.
One day a DOG sat down to ponder about his life. My, he thought, my family gives me plenty of food, a soft bed to sleep in, and all the love I could ask for. WOW!!! They must be GODS!

On the same day a CAT was pondering about his life. My, he thought, my family gives me plenty of food, a soft bed to sleep in, and all the love that I could ask for. WOW !!! I must be a GOD!



We provide a variety of premium diets to ensure that our guests eat properly. These may include, but are not limited to Lamb & Rice, Moist Biljac, Chicken & Rice, Pedigree, and Eukanuba Low Residue. We welcome you to bring your pets personal food from home if you wish. We will prepare and serve it as you direct. A microwave and refrigerator are available as needed. If your pet requires a prescription diet or has health reasons for being fed a specialized diet, we ask that you provide it from home.


For the safety and comfort of all our guests we must require proof of vaccinations by a licensed veterinarian or a current titer. A list is provided below for your convenience. These must be current within the past 12 months with the exception of 3 year rabies.




Our resort offers an array of entertaining activities for our guests. These include Nature Walks, Water Play, and an Off Leash Run in the Park, Rocking Chair Cuddle Time etc. Some activities are seasonal. Please feel free to inquire about pricing and availability.




A full service grooming salon is available to cater to all of our guests bathing and grooming needs. Not only can we provide a refreshing shampoo, blow dry and style for your canine friend; we also welcome our feline guests into the salon for these same services. A nail trim is complimentary with all of these services.

To maintain our very high standards of cleanliness we must encourage all our guests to arrive flea free or visit our Salon before lodging in the Resort.
We feature hand scissoring and can groom all breeds. We do not sedate.


Properly preparing for your pet to be away from home is a shared responsibility between the caregivers and the owner. We have given you our word to provide the best possible care for you pet while you cannot be here. You have made an informed decision for a number of reasons that are important to you. Now as a loving pet owner you should make a commitment on your part to make this a fun positive experience.
 Your pet will watch your reaction closely when you leave him/her with us just as they do at home when someone comes to the door. They want to know how you feel about this person or situation. We work very hard to establish a comforting relationship with your pet so that he/she will look forward to their next visit with us. Most of our repeat guests rush in and greet us, leaving Mom or Dad without so much as a backward glance. They have come to enjoy the loving, social environment here.
If you suffer from separation anxiety please be cheerful and positive while tucking your pet in. You don't need to burden your pet with crying and emotional displays that they might not understand. This only leaves them with bad memories of how upset you were when they last saw you. We do understand that until you get to know us, leaving someone you love is a scary experience. We will be glad to talk to you about these feelings and do all that we can to relieve them. Just please don't burden your pet and prevent them from enjoying their vacation because they are worrying about you.


When you arrive to pick up you pet they will most likely be very animated and happy to see you. As in humans, vigorous activity and excitement causes your body functions to speed up, for example we perspire. Dogs perspire through panting. They will feel the need to replace body fluids by drinking. They will very likely feel the need to go potty. This does not mean that they haven't had water or gone to the restroom the whole time that they are here. It just a way of expressing their feelings of excitement. Please limit food and water for the first 4 hours after arriving home. Over consumption could cause stomach upset.
After the initial rush of excitement you pet may fall asleep exhausted from all the extra activity and contentment of returning home again. Much like you feel after returning from your action packed vacation to your “home sweet home”.

Occasionally some pets may experience hoarseness from expressing themselves at camp, the same way you do at you favorite sporting event. This is only temporary and is not uncomfortable. Should your pet experience loose stool it could be from over excitement, change in diet etc. As with people this should only warrant caution but should not cause alarm unless it persists for more than 48 hours or they exhibit other signs of illness.


Pets Inn Suites
Monday-Friday 9 a.m - 6 p.m.
Saturday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Sunday 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

Indian Shoals Pet Resort
Monday-Friday 9 a.m.- 12 p.m.& 2 p.m.-6 p.m.
Closed Daily 12 p.m. - 2 p.m.
Saturday 9 a.m.- 4 p.m.
Sunday 6:00 p.m.- 7:00 p.m.


_Please note that we may be closed or have different hours on all major holidays.

_All stays at our resort are subject to a two-day minimum charge.

_Major holidays are also subject to minimum charge requirements and require deposits.

_If your pet is being groomed on the morning that you are scheduled to pick up you will have 2 hours from the time that we call to  pickup without being charged for that day.

_Stays at the resort of 14 days or more receive a 10% discount. Stays of 21 days or more receive a 20% discount on boarding.

Frequently Asked Questions

1-My dog is very picky and only eats “people food”. I know that she will not eat dog food of any kind. Will she just have to starve while I’m away?
 You are welcome to bring any food, treats or snacks from home that your pet is accustomed to eating. We have both refrigerators and microwaves available. Some clients save leftovers from their meals and freeze them individually for a couple of weeks before boarding and simply bring them in for us to serve. Others cook large quantities of their pet's favorite food to bag and freeze. We do require that all meat arrive cooked and boneless for liability reasons.

2-When I called around, I found out that every kennel sounds like they offer about the same services. They all say that they are the “best”. Now I am so confused I don't know where to start. How can I choose the right place for my pet to stay?
 First of all, start by planning ahead and touring as many facilities as possible. Drop in without calling, during normal business hours. Bring along a list of some of your most important questions. A good kennel will welcome your questions and be proud to show you all areas of the facility. Use you eyes and nose to let you know if things are clean and in order. Is the staff willing to spend as much time as necessary to answer all your questions? If toys and bedding are important to your pet, take time to notice if other animals have their things with them. Most of all your intuition will be telling you whether or not the people are sincere. Does the facility have someone living on the premises for safety and security? If the staff members are distracted or reluctant to show you around, for fear of  “disturbing the dogs” or “cleaning in progress” etc. then they may truly be hiding something. Keep looking and your heart will know when you find that special place. We welcome your questions and inspection. We have nothing to hide and will be proud to show you around.

3-Is boarding  expensive?
We feel that the quality of the care that we provide is not expensive. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible care, through a sincere, dedicated staff and wonderful accommodations at a reasonable rate. The cost of lodging, food and personalized care for 1 WEEK with us is usually about the same as 1 NIGHT for your stay in a quality hotel. Owners of our guests feel the peace of mind that they have in knowing that their pet is safe and well cared for is worth this cost. While some places may be a couple of dollars less per day we know that they have to cut corners somewhere to pay the bills. This could be in accommodations, quality of food, minimum wage staff, you can't be sure. We don't cut corners. We take pride in sparing no expense to ensure that we are able to provide the care that we promise. All of our activities and grooming services are offered separately so that you may purchase the “extras” as your own personal budget allows.

4-Couldn’t I just leave my pet at the vet or have a neighbor child drop by to feed him?
 While some vet clinics do offer boarding services, their main concern is to care for the sick animals, as it should be. The kid down the street may mean well, but he/she is still only a child. They may not notice health emergencies etc. There is also the ever present risk of leaving a gate open, forgetting, etc. Also Fifi may suddenly not like having a visitor to your home while Mom is away. This could distress her or she might try to protect the place. Thunder storms and inclement weather pose even more risks. A trained experienced animal care technician is the best choice in a safe, secure facility. Please don't overlook the importance of social interaction for your pet while you are away. The very special characteristics that make your pet such a wonderful companion necessitates that he not be left alone for most of the time that you are away. At our Pet Resort there is always something interesting going on and someone to give a hug.

5- Why is your resort a better option than a pet sitter?
 Because we provide 24 hour supervision in a controlled safe environment. Most “pet checkers” drop by 1 or 2 times a day for just a few minutes. Our staff is trained to respond to pets needs and emergencies at ALL times. A local veterinarian is on call  24 hours to assist any immediate needs of our guests. The owner's home is located directly on the premises. Most “pet checkers” charge as much or more for the few minutes that they see your pet that we do for 24 hour care. We may not pick up your mail or water the plant but you treasured family member won't be left alone 23 hours a day. Quite often the damage done by a lonely pet can be very extensive. What happens in case of an immediate emergency and no one is there? Is your pet checker trained to recognize sign of illness and to react appropriately? In case of ice or snow do they have the ability to make their rounds?

6-Do I need to call ahead if I want to tour your resort?
 Absolutely not! Drop by any time during business hours. We always love a chance to show folks around and make new friends. Our “open door” policy allows you to tour all areas of the facility. We do not do tours on Sunday because the 1 hour pick up/drop off time is very busy.

7-I really want to tuck my pet in before I leave and arrange his things for him. Most places give all these reasons why I can't go back with my pet; it makes me feel like they are hiding something. Can I tuck my pet in at your resort?
Sure you can tuck them in. We feel this can be very positive for both the pets and their owners. We have nothing to hide so you are welcome.

8- I've heard that “kennels” make many dogs sick. Is it true that they have to get a special “boarding shot”?
Dogs are no different from people. They are much more likely to be exposed to a contagious ailment when they are in large groups. This could be parks, training classes, the vet, or in a pet care facility. Relate this to catching a cold in your office, or for your child catching a virus in school or daycare. Your pet has the luxury that we humans don't have of being able to get a vaccine for upper respiratory infection. This is made very low risk by requiring all animals to be vaccinated. Exposure is reduced dramatically. While “Canine cough” is rarely serious it can be very aggravating for both the owner and the pet. When your pet stays with us  he/she receives the assurance that through diligent sanitation, vaccination and frequent fresh air exchange we are doing everything we can to prevent contraction of this “cold”. Your pet is much more likely to be exposed while walking in the neighborhood where you have no control over whether the other dogs have been vaccinated or not.

9-My dog is very small. Why do you charge the same for her, even though I know that she eats so little?
The cost of food is a very small part of what the daily boarding rate covers. Your very small dog will be cared for by the same knowledgeable caring staff as a large dog. She will enjoy a very spacious indoor/outdoor suite. She will be provided the same safety and security as the larger pet. Just because she is small doesn't means she requires or deserves less. She may have many more needs that a much larger neighbor. Either size will receive excellent personalized care in very nice accommodations.

10-Do you give discounts for multiple pets?
Yes. If your pets get along well they can stay together with a substantial discount for additional pets. Please refer to our pricing schedule.

11-Do you give discounts for longer stays?
Yes. We give discounts of 10% at 14 days and 20% at 21 days on boarding.

12-Why do I have to give a deposit for holidays? I've been coming there for years.
Unfortunately a few people that make reservations and do not show up have made it uncomfortable for all of us. Today laws require that everyone be provided the same service policies. We appreciate our very loyal clients and do not wish to offend anyone. The times that we require deposits are very peak demand times and by requiring a deposit we eliminate people who are booking “just in case they might need it”. This allows us to better serve our regular clients by not “booking up” with people that never show even after we call to confirm.

13-What is your cancellation policy?
All cancellations for holiday reservations that are made within 7 days of your scheduled arrival date are fully refundable. All other times are “good faith”. Meaning that we trust you to give us as much advance notice as possible. We understand that plans change and a simple phone call is sufficient. Should someone repeatedly abuse the “good faith” and no-show on several occasions we may require a deposit on all future reservations.

14-My pet is diabetic and requires shots. Can you care for her properly?
Yes. We will gladly work closely with you and your vet to care for your diabetic pet. We will be happy to accommodate their special needs.

15- Are your pet areas air conditioned?
Our facility is climate controlled. It is kept cool by constant air exchange. This is the optimum way to reduce air borne germs. It also allows your pet to have free access to the full area of their suite. To provide closed air conditioning your pet must be kept inside in a much smaller area. We feel that fresh air and exercise are very important. Our air exchange systems keeps the temperature comfortable and safe for all animals.

16-I want to pick up or drop off my pet at a time when your office is closed. Can I do this?
In the case of a true emergency we will try to accommodate your requests for drop off outside of our normal business hours. We do not provide pick up outside of our regular hours.

17-Can I make my reservations on line through your web site?
Sure. You may request reservations online through our web site or leave a message on our voice mail. We will make every effort to permit your request. A staff member will call to confirm our receipt of your dates. On-Line reservations are not complete unless you are called by one of our Staff members. Please feel free to call if you do not receive a confirmation call within 48 hours. Please remember that during peak times we cannot guarantee that we can book your pet unless you make your request in advance.

18- Won't my pet be sad or bored just sitting there while I'm away?
 Much like a child away at camp, they will occasionally think of you and home but there will be too much going on for them to dwell on being “homesick”.

19-Why does it cost more to board my pet on weekends and holidays at other places but not at your resort?
This is a question that we find really difficult to answer. We provide the same quality care 365 days a year. We charge what we feel to be a fair price for the superior care provided by our caring and knowledgeable staff in excellent accommodations.  Our guess is that most places know that you really don't have as much of a choice during these busy times and will pretty much pay extra because you have to. It seems that it's a case of supply and demand. We appreciate our clients all year and would never dream of gouging them when they need us most.

20-What things will I be allowed to bring from home?
Toys, treats and a favorite blanket are the most common. We really welcome almost anything that you feel will make your pet happy. We do ask that bedding be washable and of reasonable size. While it is more difficult to launder and keep track of personal items, we feel that the benefit makes it worth while service. We do try to wash soiled bedding as a courtesy when time allows, but this is not a part of our boarding service. We ask that you do not send family heirlooms or other indispensable items. While we make every effort to care for personal items we cannot assume liability for them.

21-Does your staff have any special training for handling emergencies?
Yes. Many of our staff members have extensive training in the vet tech field. We also are very proud to say that we require all full time employees to train and test in accordance with the ABKA certification program for pet care technicians. We encourage an environment of continued education. Fire safety and emergency evacuation along with animal CPR and first aid are among the areas that we pursue.

22-My pet has health problems that require daily medications. Will this cost more? How can I be sure that they will be given as directed?
There is no additional charge for administering medications. We ask that you bring all medications properly labeled and preferably in their original container. Always send a few extras just in case your return home was delayed. We take medications very seriously and print out a “medication report “ twice daily that is checked and signed by a manager. We use the utmost care in making sure that all medications are properly dispensed. Only our most trusted and experienced staff members administer medications. We retain our medication reports for a minimum of 2 weeks.